Honey (Glen Ellyn)

Known as the “modern comfort cafe,” Honey stays true to its word.

Located 25 miles west of Chicago in Glen Ellyn, Honey sits on a quaint corner of the street that is easily accessible by car, train, or foot – free public parking is available for those traveling by car, and the nearest Metra station is on the other side of the block. From the outside, it looks plain with some hints of hipster as there is a simple yellow sign that reads “honey.” This cafe is friendly to diners of all backgrounds – whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free consumer, honey caters to everyone. Recipient of two WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals), Honey makes sure that your meal consists of healthy and ethical choices, from using grass-fed beef to recycling as much trash as they can.


My friend and I were seated in the front room, as there are two dining rooms separated by a small hallway and the kitchen. The atmosphere was quiet, yet loud enough so that we could talk without worrying that anyone would hear our conversation. With tables spread out spaciously, there was a nice private feel to it. The menu at Honey is attached to a plain brown clipboard, adding a very natural feel. With three pages of appetizers, salads, specialties, and entrees, it took us a while to decide what we wanted. The options really are made for the comfort-food lover, with burgers, pot pie, meatloaf, and mac and cheese (to name a few).


For an appetizer, I got the Savory Vegetable Strudels. One strudel contained herbed goat cheese and mushrooms, the other contained fresh seasonal vegetables, both served with a side of shallot white wine dipping sauce. With a very pureed consistency similar to mashed potatoes, having them wrapped in a flaky pastry was very good. In addition, the dipping sauce added the most flavor to them as it was sweet and savory. By themselves, I did not find a difference between the two strudels, and I can’t say that they were very flavorful. Accompanied by the sauce, however, they were good, just not anything excellent. Next time, I would like to save the $6.00 and stomach space on a dessert.


For my entree, I skipped the recommended veggie burger and chose to get the Mac and Cheese Your Way. Served with a side of organic greens, I the customer has the option of toppings on their mac and cheese. With choices of truffles, salmon, broccoli with gruyere, or chicken and bacon, I went for the truffle option. Once the dish arrived, it was steaming hot, and presented in a very sophisticated manner. The mac and cheese was very rich, especially with the truffles and their oil. The side salad was a fresh accompaniment to the otherwise heavy meal, but all in all, it was delicious, and I would recommend this dish to any macaroni lover. At $12.00 with truffles added, I would say that this meal was definitely worth its price. I ate it all – and by the end, I had absolutely no room for dessert.


To accompany my meal and glass of water, I decided to get the Tropical Sunrise Italian soda. At $3.45, it seemed expensive, but it was a tasty tropical splurge on a snowy wintery night. With fruity flavors and hints of vanilla, it was not too sweet, which I really appreciated. With the carbonated element, it was the perfect replacement for a regular glass of soda.

To sum this up, I recommend Honey to anyone who has a passion for organic and natural foods. Prices will range a bit higher because of the ingredients that are used, but it seems a small price to pay when you know that nothing was harmed in the process of getting to your plate. In addition, I love the fact that Honey caters to diners with food restrictions. With very friendly service and timely cooking time, Honey is a great place to visit whether you want to make it a date night or an afternoon of study.


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Hey there! I'm a 2015 Wheaton College (IL) alumna, a native of the San Francisco East Bay, and lover of junk food and exercise (not together). Follow me as I explore life through the literary and journalistic lenses!

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